Photography in Siena: Student Exhibition at Seattle University


Thanks to homie, Joysha Fajardo, I decided to hit up Seattle University and check out Photography in Siena: Student Exhibition. You  probably get the gist from the title, but yeah, photography students went to Europe, and this exhibition were some of the dope pictures that they took. 

Now you may be wondering ,”This is the art of the cartoon blog, what does this have to do with cartoons?”

Answer: Everything. 

Whenever doing anything “art”, there is always inspiration. And I dare you to go see this and NOT be inspired. Looking at each of the students’ work, thoughts on a way of how to use these photos as backgrounds, reference pics, or even concept settings for my future animated sequences came rushing in. So yeah…

What does this have to do with cartoons?


Plus, when my animation class starts to post up our attempts at animated art, I hope someone is looking on and is just as inspired as I was when looking at these photography students’ pieces.

Exhibit runs through Feb. 6/ Seattle University, Kinsey Gallery, Casey Bldg./ Gallery Hours M-F 10AM – Noon, 1 – 4PM

Check out the homie, Joysha Fajardo’s dope photos for this exhibition (sorry, I couldn’t post pics, I feel bad taking pics at that exhibition).

2 thoughts on “Photography in Siena: Student Exhibition at Seattle University

  1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback! Artists should definitely find inspiration in all forms of art and I am so glad that you found it in our photos. Looking forward to see your animations =]

  2. me and cherry need to check this out. i was gonna go that night too but had a meeting. congrats joysha!

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