Tales From The Sketchbook: *Sigh*

Warning! This will be a very rare glimpse into the personal life of a certain Art of the Cartoon blogger:

Last night, while watching this new anime series I picked a few weeks back, there was this particular scene that came up that got me so filled with emotion, particularly romance and love, that a certain person from my past came rushing back into my head (This particular scene will most likely become a Set the VCR moment in the future). A certain person that I still haven’t really gotten over. Suffice to say, I kept thinking about HER the whole night, and I could barely sleep. It lingered a little more today, and I decided to do something about it. And the only way I know how to handle these things… head to the sketchbook.

*Sigh*/ pencil on paper/ March 2009

sighYup, I went and drew HER! I know that seems odd, but trust me, it is very therapeutic. At least for me it is.

And the only reason I am posting this is because NOBODY WILL KNOW WHO THIS GIRL IS… unless:

1) You really know me


2) Looking at the picture, you can recognize who the girl is.

I can disregard #2, because throughout all my years of drawing, sketching, and being an artist, nobody can really tell who I am drawing unless I tell them. That’s when it becomes clear. Plus, I still don’t think my drawing skills are that great.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my personal life!

Feel free to guess, just know that I’m fairly positive that nobody knows who that is

PS: If you do know who that is, keep your mouth shut =P

5 thoughts on “Tales From The Sketchbook: *Sigh*

  1. It was the CARTOONS!… c’mon first time in a looong ass time…. plus apparently the drawing was ok… right?… I’m starting to regret this post!!! 😛 Time for a new one!

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