From Concept to Completion: The Cherry & Daps Wedding Painting

Happy One Year Anniversary to Cherry and Daps! For their wedding gift last year, I decided to do a painting inspired by the happy couple (actually its a thing I do for most wedding presents). Here is the finished product:


Not only to celebrate the one year anniversary of this happy couple, but also to give readers an insight into how I take an art piece from concept to finished product, I present the first, in hopefully many, From Concept to Completion segments. Hit the Jump to find out how I went from concept to completion…

First off, before I put any pencil to paper, I always try to look at some reference photos/ artwork. These references can be pretty basic like the photos I jacked from Daps’ computer of Chera’s wedding photo shoot with Cherry and Daps (my bad!)…


They can be references that I would like to add into my piece, like a Seattle and/or LA skyline or scenery…


They can be things that I think about when I think about the subject and/or theme of my piece…


And lastly, references can be other fun art pieces that I want to draw inspiration from…


Once I get a good idea from seeing all the various references, then and only then do I place pencil to paper…


And then an idea hits and you run with it, now its time to lay the outline on the canvas


Then the fun begins, painting starts out with the lighter colors…


then place the dark colors on last…


After that, its time for some touch up and clean-up…


and there you have it, the completed Cherry & Daps painting…


I hope you enjoyed the first ever From Concept to Completion Segment on Art of the Cartoon!!!

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