The Dark Knight NES (8-bit) video game

Today’s video games have beautiful graphics. The PS3 and xbox 360 are ridiculous. And the Wii, even though discredited and disowned by many “hardcore” gamers, still has stunning graphics and animations in my opinion. 

But honestly, a lot is lost when games start relying too much on graphics alone. Case and point, the above video is a fan-made trailer of The Dark Knight video game if made in the style of 8-bit Nintendo. Yes, full CG graphics would have looked waaay better, or they could have just used clips from the acutal Dark Knight movie. But you know what, I wouldn’t want to play that game, I want to play the 8-bit game. In the video above, I find myself trying to press the start button that is not there. 

The point is, you had to use your imagination more when 8-bit was the thing. It was more abstract, and as a gamer I appreciated that about NES games. Sometimes flashy graphics just get in the way of video games. 

To conclude, SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME!!! Bring back the NES, I mean it worked for Mega Man…

3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight NES (8-bit) video game

  1. and up + A for the special attack… Amazing controls huh… who needs 12 buttons and/or motion control? …pfft!

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