American Akira

Akira, an “anime” movie made back in 1988 and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. It is heralded as “one of the greatest animated movies of all-time,” and credited for ushering in this current era of “anime.” Without a doubt, the high quality of animation combined with adult themes and a complex (maybe too complex) storyline, has not only set this movie apart from other animated films, but also set a precedence for cartoons being considered “art.”

Akira deserves its own post (which will come in the future), however, this post deals with the  scenario of “what if Akira was made (or remade) in America?” Check the video for the (hilarious) results:

A live-action movie is in the works. Warner Bros. has picked up the license. Leonardo Dicaprio is set to produce (and maybe star), and Joseph Gordon Levitt set to play Tetsuo. Slated to come out in 2011…

My Take: ( *sigh*…shakes head in disappointment)…

3 thoughts on “American Akira

  1. Another disappointmet in the movie industry. When will they get a clue Asian anime and American actors don’t mix. Come on who would watch this and Dragonball.

  2. funny story about Akira: I was once in a class where there was a team of white wierdos that were like the fringe kids… you know, “neko-chan” know-it-alls who constantly tried to correct the teacher with untrue facts? Anyway so during a presentation one of these kids- the “leader” goes up in front of the room and intorduces himself.

    “My name is Francis” he says, “But all my friends call me Tetsuo.”


  3. lol…did he point to one his friends and say “you can call him Kaneda?”

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