Animated Super Bowl Ads 2009

That was a surprise…It turned out to be an entertaining game. Too bad I HATE the Steelers. Oh and guess what…I  HATE the Cardinals too.  But congrats to Omar Epps (aka Coach Mike Tomlin) for winning the Super Bowl (at least I like that guy). 

Omar Epps on the left, Mike Tomlin on the right
Omar Epps on the left, Mike Tomlin on the right


Anyway, this is a blog on animation and cartoons and the like, so let me go over the animated ads that stood out to me. There was plenty of animation to go around, so  only a few make the cut (and NO, the horrible “3D” Sobe lizards did not make the cut). 

Coke Classic Avatar

Let’s be real, we live in an online world and everyone and their mom has some kind of avatar. When we meet folks, we’re just meeting their avatar. So good job Coke on being literal…

Coke Heist 

WOW, two Coke commercials (plus I enjoyed the Mean Joe Greene spoof). This one was just special. I don’t know what it is…maybe I just like the heist thing, but maybe its because I thought the insects were beautifully animated. But yeah, this one’s pretty good. 

GE Scarecrow

My initial thought…”eh” … but then my guy DJ Daps1 pointed out that the scarecrow in the commercial was some top tier animation. Looking back, that scarecrow is pretty detailed, so I have to concur. This one is for you Daps. 

Alright let’s stop it right there, but if anyone wants to know my favorite commercials were the 1 second ones. The Miller one were the dude Screams “HIGH LIFE!!!” and the Ivar’s one that just said “Ivars.”

Final quote of the night from ?uest Love’s Twitter “Yo, You got the juice now Q” (Ask me if you don’t get the reference…)

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