The NEW Devastator

Devastator was the first “combiner” transformer. It took six constructicons combined to make the dreaded Devastator. I was excited when I heard they were bringing the combiner Devastator (as opposed to the stupid tank from the first live-action Transformers) to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Here is comparison of the original Devastator and the movie version (thanks to Gizmodo).


My first reaction…eh….

We’ll have to see if this NEW Devastator is going to rock. My nostalgia for the original overbears my critical judgment on this matter. I will always treasure the original G1 designs. But lest I point out, many folks were critical of the first live-action Transformers designs, and I have to say they turned out pretty well. I’m going to have to trust the animators on this Devastator thing, so I’ll hold off judgment.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The NEW Devastator

  1. Looks like they kept some of the vehicles that made the original design. So, I guess this one will be a combiner as well?

    But, will each be able to transform into their own robots and think of themselves? Or is going to be a hive mind.

    I bet it’ll be the latter, so they don’t have to animate them acting as individuals or pay more actors.

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