SakuraCon 2009


It was the first time I ever hit up SakuraCon. I meant to do it years ago when I was really into anime, but never got the opportunity. Glad I went this year, as the atmosphere itself is exhilarating and once again I find inspiration to keep on doing what I’m doing. 

I mean look at all this:


Now times that by 1000. I would say about 60% of the attendees were dressed up  in some way. That’s some dedication.

Oh one note: There is a fine line between between “cute”  and “um no, that shit does not look right on you.” I have to hand it to these cosplayers though, they have that “I don’t give a fuck I’m wearing this” mentality. I think SakuraCon is their safe haven. 

I was at SakuraCon Friday only! If you’re in the Seattle area, it goes on through Sunday. If you do go, can I suggest just chillin in one of the many anime theatres. I watched a lil bit of Giant Robo and Hajime no Ippo, that was great. Or maybe you could visit the classic console games room and play some NES, Sega, or even Atari 2600 games! Lastly I suggest you hit up the Artist’s Alley, one of the more inspiring moments was just watching those artists sketch away, which makes me think I need to get a table for SakuraCon next year. 

Who’s down for next year, SakuraCon 2010?

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