Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons

IMG_0034Since I am currently (and will always be) a student of animation, when I heard that the exhibition, Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons, was coming to Seattle’s MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), I knew I had to make time to go see it. 

Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons gives a little insight into the history of Warner Bros. Cartoons. The exhibit does a good job of showing the process in which Warner Bros. Cartoons were made. There are character model sheets of your favorite Looney Tunes personalities. There are also animation cells, animation drawings, background paintings, story concepts, etc… 

The exhibit is simple and straightforward, and for me truly inspiring. If you have read some of the other posts on this blog, you know that I hold these Looney Tunes shorts in high regard. Not only do they bring back memories of childhood, they are also classic examples of top-notch animation. I would put these shorts against any of the cartoons that come on TV nowadays. 

Suffice to say I spent a good hour/ hour and a half in this exhibit alone. 30 minutes of which was just me watching old Bugs Bunny shorts. After that, I was ready to do what was necessary to keep on following this far-fetched dream of mine. Warner Bros. Cartoons has this great legacy, and I was ready to start making my own legacy. And how would I do that, I headed to the library to study and do my homework… 

(hit the jump to see pictures of this exhibition)


PS: I don’t think I was supposed to take pictures of this exhibit =P… oh well, that’s what iPhones are for!

IMG_0036IMG_0039IMG_0044IMG_0040IMG_0049IMG_0042IMG_0046IMG_0045One last note: These Looney Tunes shorts, even though they were high quality animation and are prime examples for students like me to learn from, since they were made back in the day, some of them were pretty racist, like that bugs bunny up above. That’s hella racist (shakes head). 

Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons is being exhibits at Seattle’s MOHAI from Feb. 14, 2009 – May 17, 2009. Yup last day for this exhibition in SEattle is this Sunday.

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