The NEW Batman…

If you weren’t paying attention, Bruce Wayne is NOT Batman at the moment. After the 3 issue Battle For the Cowl storyline, there is a new Batman in town. Meet the NEW Batman:


Don’t recognize him? Well the new Batman is… (drumroll) Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin:


Of course, he eventually had a falling out with Bruce Wayne and became one of my favorite superheroes, Nightwing:

2008-11-02-nightwingMy Take: I think Dick Grayson was an obvious choice, however Dick Grayson was already Batman once, shortly after the Knightfall Series (BTW, Prodigal was an underrated storyline!!!) I think it’s pretty obvious that DC Comics will eventually give the mantle of Batman back to Bruce Wayne (Bruce is currently perceived to be dead, but is actually trapped in the past). But for this to work, DC needs to have Dick hold onto the mantle of Batman for at least a year. And they need to delve into the reasons why Dick decided to take up the mantle of Batman (because Battle for the Cowl did not address that!)

There is one last thing about Dick Grayson becoming Batman, I’m going to miss the eskrima sticks…

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