I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants/ writer: Joe Kelly/ art: JM Ken Niimura/ 2009

Another year come and gone and another birthday. I guess it’s time to reflect…

Getting older and wiser, I start to notice more things. Obstacles and struggles in life in general can become a little more daunting. Work can suck if you have a job, looking for work can suck if don’t have one, school can drag-on, love life at a stand still, finances swirling in the toilet, health going wrong, etc… Add to that the seemingly unending injustices and human rights violations out there and things can start to get really bleak. But that’s why we have inspirations, things that keep us going, keep us moving forward.

On the day of my birth, I present to you one of my many inspirations. In my opinion, one of the best, if not THE best graphic novel/ trade paperback of 2009. A book that everyone should read. Even though there really is no social commentary or political context involved in this book, it is one of the most poignant, genuine, and touching stories I have seen in a graphic novel. And its message and theme is as “in your face” and obvious as it seems, a metaphor waiting to happen…

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Bootleg Classics: Batman Beyond “Rebirth”

Welcome to 2010. A new year, and new look for Art of the Cartoon. What better way to start out the new year with a Bootleg Classic. (and yes, hopefully I’ve put behind me most of the cryptic, love-sappy posts =P)

For my return, I give you an animated series that really should’ve never worked. How can you have a show set in the future, and have someone else not named Bruce Wayne as Batman? How can Batman be a teenager? That’s just a recipe for disaster. But for some reason Batman Beyond worked, and brought about the rebirth of The Batman…

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I’m Back! MTV’s ABDC: Constructive Criticism

What’s up beautiful folks! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a minute, an explanation is in order, but before that, here’s a fun little comic strip I came up with.

Here’s the backstory. I don’t watch a lot MTV ever since they stopped playing music videos. I have been watching on occasion America’s Best Dance Crew. The first 3 seasons we’re pretty good. I still think Jabawockeez were the most unique and best crew they’ve had, but I’ve enjoyed Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, Sup3r Cr3w, and Kaba as well. This season, season 4, Massive Monkees (from Seattle) was one of the crews. Even though I thought Massive didn’t need to do the show since they were already world renowned, and former world b-boy champions, I was still excited nonetheless. However, the crap that was put out this season was terrible!!! I think it was easy to see from the outset that the two best crews were Rhythm City and Massive, yet those two are nowhere near the finals. The most unique was Vogue Evolution, and the rest, well, they were ok, but nothing memorable. The dancing was eh, the mixes were bleh, and for some reason the judges comments were reduced to this…


Oh, and even though I think what Kanye did was disrespectful and messed up, I have to applaud him on the fact that a) he spoke his mind and didn’t a fuck what anybody thought and b) made the this year’s VMA’s somewhat memorable. If not for Kanye, all we probably would’ve remembered is what the fuck was Lady Gaga wearing and why did she start bleeding.

One last note: How does MTV still have a Video Music Awards when they hardly play videos?

90’s X-Men Animated Series: Japanese Intro…

I am huge fan of the 1990’s X-Men animated series. It is still the best cartoon X-Men out there (It’s out on DVD now!) I think the intro was classic:

However, after seeing the Japanese intro for the 90’s X-Men…

I kinda wish the 90’s X-Men looked like this. They even made another intro!

Can we get a special edition 90’s X-Men series set DVD and/ or Blu-Ray with selectable intros… PLEASE!

The NEW Batman…

If you weren’t paying attention, Bruce Wayne is NOT Batman at the moment. After the 3 issue Battle For the Cowl storyline, there is a new Batman in town. Meet the NEW Batman:


Don’t recognize him? Well the new Batman is… (drumroll) Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin:


Of course, he eventually had a falling out with Bruce Wayne and became one of my favorite superheroes, Nightwing:

2008-11-02-nightwingMy Take: I think Dick Grayson was an obvious choice, however Dick Grayson was already Batman once, shortly after the Knightfall Series (BTW, Prodigal was an underrated storyline!!!) I think it’s pretty obvious that DC Comics will eventually give the mantle of Batman back to Bruce Wayne (Bruce is currently perceived to be dead, but is actually trapped in the past). But for this to work, DC needs to have Dick hold onto the mantle of Batman for at least a year. And they need to delve into the reasons why Dick decided to take up the mantle of Batman (because Battle for the Cowl did not address that!)

There is one last thing about Dick Grayson becoming Batman, I’m going to miss the eskrima sticks…

Review: Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

Secret Identities/ Edited by Jeff Yang, Perry Shen, Keith Chow, & Jerry Ma/ 2009

secret identitiesThere is a tremendous amount of Asian American talent in the comic book industry. From writers to editors, and inkers to pencilers, more than likely you’ll find some dope Asian American artists. Even more than that, many of the die-hard fans of comic books are Asians Americans. One of my favorite comic book artists growing up was Jim Lee and I have stated many times that my favorite era was the 90’s where Jim Lee’s X-Men designs always held a special place. 

Even though there are plenty of Asian American artists in the comic book industry, and many more Asian American fanboys, there is very little representation of Asian American characters in the comic book universe. It seems a little strange that a huge portion of the brightest artists/ writers and the greatest fans in the comic book world do not have a set of superhero characters that is ingrained in the Asian American community, that they can claim as their own. 

Actually it’s not that strange. Take a gander at current movies and television and you’ll more than likely see that the Asian American community is overlooked. Our characters are limited to secondary characters, but never the main person. So it makes sense that it translates to the comic book world as well. 

The creators of Secret Identities, Jeff Yang, Keith Chow, Jerry Ma, and Perry Shen, hoped to take the first step in changing this perception by bringing together some of the best Asian American talent to create an anthology of 26 stories revolving around Asian American Superheroes. The result is a truly inspiring collection of stories that feature the Asian American community. It is a must read for any comic book fan. (Hit the jump for the rest of the review) Continue reading

5 Things That A Wolverine Movie Needs…

I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night. Instead of my usual review, I thought I would switch it up. Here is a list of 5 things that I think a Wolverine movie needs:

sabretoothAwesome Villain(s): Wolverine is the toughest and most bad-ass X-Man ever! I won’t even argue with someone who doesn’t think so. Case and point, I downloaded an anime podcast once, the two hosts started the podcast by saying that Wolvie was weak  and that Cyclops (CYCLOPS!) was tougher. That podcast got an immediate delete! Anyway, a bad-ass character needs a bad mutha-fuggin villain and Wolvie has one of the best rogues galleries. Even though Sabretooth is the obvious nemesis,  Omega Red, Cyber, Lady Deathstrike, and the Hulk work just as well. 

 Jack Bauer-like: When folks think about Wolverine, it’s the claws that most people think of. However, Wolvie is so much more than that. Before the adamantium thing, Logan was quite the soldier/ secret agent.  He used strategy, his instincts, and the environment around him to help out. If he wanted to, he could be as stealthy as a ninja one minute, then unleash rage the next. He was Jack Bauer before Jack Bauer… jack-bauer

wolverine56Team X/ Weapon X:  These two things go hand in hand.  Team X was huge part of Wolvie’s life. The characters of Deadpool, Maverick, Silver Fox and Sabretooth play huge roles in Wolvie’s life. Logan was arguably the best one out the secret black-ops team known as Team X. This was the reason he chosen for the Weapon X program which bonded that adamantium to his skeleton. The procedure was so painful, damaging and and draining that part of his healing factor was lost along with most of his memories (with the help of those doctors and scientists). Plus that Weapon X helmet was fuggin awesome!

Berserker Rage: There has to be at least one point in a Wolverine Movie that Wolvie just loses it and becomes the animal that is festering inside his mind. No dialogue, no thought process, just pure animal rage and a lot of asses kicked! Wolvie’s berserker moments are some of the best action sequences in comic books. cover-large

wolvie-lonerSearch for Identity: . After the Weapon X thing, he spends years trying to reclaim his past and find out who he was or is. Before the Weapon X thing, Wolvie was always unsure of his place in the world. So the most important thing about a Wolverine movie is his never ending search for his identity. 

Bonus Points: Extra credit for the movie if some nods to other Marvel characters that influenced Wolvie makes it into the film. How about during a WWII flashback, we see a soldier named Steve Rogers? Or maybe, someone asking Logan about helping find a missing doctor, Dr. Bruce Banner? huh… anyone … anyone? war-machine-captain-america-hulk

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