Iron Man Anime Trailer

I was requested to blog about this, so here we go. Here is the trailer for the new Iron Man anime series:

I’m impressed. What else can I write? (Hit the jump to see what else I wrote)

I am a big fan of Madhouse Animation. They produced some of my favorite animes like Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, and Trigun (I recommend all of them, especially since all them have some pretty nice social commentary about poverty, fear, religion, and life). So an Iron Man anime makes perfect sense for a cartoon form known for its robots, cyborgs, and larger than life characters. It’s supposed to be strictly for the Japanese market, but I bet we’ll see fan-subs once the Iron Man anime comes out. In fact, I’ll even bet that there will be a dub as well. Can we pay Robert Downey Jr. the necessary money now to provide the voice of Tony Stark… please?

Will it be good? Well all I can say is that it will be better than this:

But the Iron Man anime better have a catchy theme song like this:

I…I…AM…AM…IROOOOON MAAAAN!!!  Best Iron Man theme song ever!!!

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