Inspiration for animation can be from anywhere and my favorite places for inspiration are inside the squared circle of professional wrestling. Based on the last shot of my demo reel, I’m a big fan of old school wrestling. Today I’m going to relate the animation principal of “appeal” to these classic vignettes of the ol WWF-days…

Hit the jump for some more analysis of the GENIUS of this PERFECT Appeal…

The Appeal?

Well first, can you feel the smugness and confidence easing off both Mr. Perfect and The Genius? Man those two are pompous jerks. Also see the intensity in not only Mr. Perfect’s face but also  hear it in his intonation of his voice. And lastly, watch the showmanship of the genius as he arrogantly cheers and applauds whatever Mr. Perfect does.

Well, to be honest, I only posted this because looking back, this promo from these two are HILARIOUS! For me, pro-wrestling no longer has this appeal today… except maybe for the Miz, I enjoy that guy.

Anyway, that example of appeal was… PERFECT! (spits gum in air then slaps it away)

And Hogan! You can’t do that!

PS: For a guy so perfect, what was up with Mr. Perfect’s outfits? and that hair.. yeesh! Speaking of outfits, why did The Genius have to always wear a graduation cap and gown… does that really show he’s a genius? Man I miss these old school wrestling characters.

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