Rhapsody in Blue


Time for a midweek animated piece to get you through your week. This week, Disney’s Fantasia 2000′s “Rhapsody in Blue.” One of my favorite pieces, musically and animation wise, from that movie. Enjoy!

Fall In Love With Me

Valentines Day, a supposed day to celebrate all things “love”, is actually a made-up holiday in order for corporate big wigs to make more money and for all of us single folk to feel insecure about our ineptitude of finding a significant other. So as a way to celebrate, Let me present to you Earth, Wind, & Fire’s Fall In Love With Me music video.

Fall In Love With Me/ Earth, Wind & Fire/ dir. ????/ 1983

In terms of animation, Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fall In Love With Me is nothing special, save for the fact that it was made during the very early pioneer days of music videos, and even then the animation in the background is so-so. And what on Earth were they wearing? I don’t know who told them that Egypt-wear was a good idea. So what’s makes this video so special? Besides the fact that there will probably never be a single shot, animated music video ever again (and based on this one, lets hope not), this is frickin’ Earth, Wind & Fire!!! And maybe, just maybe, its a message to someone out there…

“Baby, you know, I could pick you up
Turn your life around
If you fall in love with me
I would build you up, never let you down
If you fall in love with me”

Or not… But one thing is for sure, it’s Earth, Wind & Fire! What’s not to like? Just no more crappy animated music videos please…

Adidas Originals x Star Wars

Anyone else as excited as I am?

Let’s see, David Beckham, Snoop Dogg, Calle 13, Daft Punk, and a great cameo by DJ Neil Armstrong!

Oh and don’t forget Darth Vader!

What does this have to do with cartoons and animations?

EVERYTHING! I’m so inspired now!


崖の上のポニョ Gake no Ue no Ponyo (English: Ponyo)/ dir. Hayao Miyazaki/ 2008 Japan/ 2009 US

It takes real skill to fill the screen with emotion and high drama without having an actual antagonist. It also takes real skill to transport the audience into a world based on real-life, but at the same time have so much magic and awe-inspiring moments that seem so natural that you can’t help but be transfixed to the screen. This is Ponyo, Miyazaki’s latest film loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid about a young goldfish that longs to be a little girl. Unlike other quality animated movies this year, that attempt to cater to the younger audience AND at the same time add in some flair here and there for the adults in the audience, Miyazaki does NONE of that. He knows his target audience is going to be 10 years and younger, but he does something equally impressive. Instead of trying to preen some adult themes into this film, he does the almost inconceivable task of transporting the whole audience back into their childhood.

And for me it worked… Continue reading

And The End…

It’s amazing really…  It has been 3 months since I last posted. In that time, I started a new “part-time” job, and tried to “focus” on school. Didn’t really work out out on both accounts. New job feels almost like a full time job, and haven’t been really able to focus on school. Yeah, things got rough and I’ve stumbled these past few weeks, so much so that I’m going to retake this last class. Anyway, witness my class 3 reel:

On the surface it may seem alright, but now that I pick it apart I see all kinds of things wrong, and I see why I need to keep learning…

Along the way, I’ve lost sight of many of my inspirations. It’s no coincidence that once I stopped writing, many of those inspirations that kept me going vanished into thin air. But luckily there are things like this that bring me back:

And then there’s _______. Okay, so I promised that I wouldn’t do sappy-ass cryptic posts, so I’ll just say this. I think I can officially close the chapter on HER…

As always, as one chapter ends, the next one begins. Yeah, it’s been a rough past few weeks. BUT that’s why they call it a struggle…

Art of the Cartoon is in for a revamp… and I’m up for the challenge.

2010 I attempt the impossible…


Isang Bagsak! Barely made it, but still made it!

Just started Fall Term today, and while I still had a blast Summer Term, that last animation assignment almost did me in. There’s a reason why I discontinued the Ron Antonio Dance Project posts, and that reason was because my animation plain sucked! Now why did it suck? It was a combination of things, I got busy with work and training for the Portland Marathon, and my priorities just got all screwed up. And honestly, I didn’t put as much time and effort into that animation as I should have. Suffice to say that that was one of the main reasons I have decided to leave my job and focus on school. That’s right, as of October 16. I will no longer be working at the Wing Luke Asian Museum (well at least full-time, I’ll probably still have to train the new person). Anyway, take a look at my progress reel from last class… looking back its not that impressive, and it shows that I have to step it up.

But still, I made it. We may not finish the way we like, but sometimes all that matters is that we finish. I’ve learned that lesson in the ND movement, in marathons, and now in animation. It’s a good lesson, but I want to do more than just finish…

Isang Bagsak!

I’m Back! MTV’s ABDC: Constructive Criticism

What’s up beautiful folks! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a minute, an explanation is in order, but before that, here’s a fun little comic strip I came up with.

Here’s the backstory. I don’t watch a lot MTV ever since they stopped playing music videos. I have been watching on occasion America’s Best Dance Crew. The first 3 seasons we’re pretty good. I still think Jabawockeez were the most unique and best crew they’ve had, but I’ve enjoyed Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, Sup3r Cr3w, and Kaba as well. This season, season 4, Massive Monkees (from Seattle) was one of the crews. Even though I thought Massive didn’t need to do the show since they were already world renowned, and former world b-boy champions, I was still excited nonetheless. However, the crap that was put out this season was terrible!!! I think it was easy to see from the outset that the two best crews were Rhythm City and Massive, yet those two are nowhere near the finals. The most unique was Vogue Evolution, and the rest, well, they were ok, but nothing memorable. The dancing was eh, the mixes were bleh, and for some reason the judges comments were reduced to this…


Oh, and even though I think what Kanye did was disrespectful and messed up, I have to applaud him on the fact that a) he spoke his mind and didn’t a fuck what anybody thought and b) made the this year’s VMA’s somewhat memorable. If not for Kanye, all we probably would’ve remembered is what the fuck was Lady Gaga wearing and why did she start bleeding.

One last note: How does MTV still have a Video Music Awards when they hardly play videos?

Top 5 Cartoon Wedding Moments…

For those of you not in school with me, this is a rare glimpse of the blogger behind Art of the Cartoon.

So every week for Animation Mentor (The school I’m attending) I make an intro video to the week. I try to be entertaining, it is more of a way to get my face out there and to put some fun into other students’ workspaces. Anyway, this last video I did I talked about my Top 5 Cartoon Wedding moments. Enjoy!

If this gets a good response, I may post up more of my intro videos in the future…

Three Times

I have been on a mini hiatus from this blog. With school starting up, and work keeping me busy (especially in this economy…yeesh!), it’s hard to keep up with all the animation, cartoons, and comics that come my way. The reviews that I want to write are waaaay backed up (I have about 4-5 animated movies I want to write about). Add to that all the Bootleg Classics, the Set the VCR moments, the film studies, Filipin@s, and all the animated shorts I want to plug, and I’m really backed up (at least I never run out of material to write about).

Anyway, let’s begin again. Here’s an animated music video for “Three Times” by Giacomo out of the UK. I enjoyed the beat, and the paper cut-out stop-motion animation gave this piece a surreal kind of vibe to it.

Giacomo “Three Times” /Plasic Horse Films/ 2009/ UK