Three Times

I have been on a mini hiatus from this blog. With school starting up, and work keeping me busy (especially in this economy…yeesh!), it’s hard to keep up with all the animation, cartoons, and comics that come my way. The reviews that I want to write are waaaay backed up (I have about 4-5 animated movies I want to write about). Add to that all the Bootleg Classics, the Set the VCR moments, the film studies, Filipin@s, and all the animated shorts I want to plug, and I’m really backed up (at least I never run out of material to write about).

Anyway, let’s begin again. Here’s an animated music video for “Three Times” by Giacomo out of the UK. I enjoyed the beat, and the paper cut-out stop-motion animation gave this piece a surreal kind of vibe to it.

Giacomo “Three Times” /Plasic Horse Films/ 2009/ UK

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