Fall In Love With Me

Valentines Day, a supposed day to celebrate all things “love”, is actually a made-up holiday in order for corporate big wigs to make more money and for all of us single folk to feel insecure about our ineptitude of finding a significant other. So as a way to celebrate, Let me present to you Earth, Wind, & Fire’s Fall In Love With Me music video.

Fall In Love With Me/ Earth, Wind & Fire/ dir. ????/ 1983

In terms of animation, Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fall In Love With Me is nothing special, save for the fact that it was made during the very early pioneer days of music videos, and even then the animation in the background is so-so. And what on Earth were they wearing? I don’t know who told them that Egypt-wear was a good idea. So what’s makes this video so special? Besides the fact that there will probably never be a single shot, animated music video ever again (and based on this one, lets hope not), this is frickin’ Earth, Wind & Fire!!! And maybe, just maybe, its a message to someone out there…

“Baby, you know, I could pick you up
Turn your life around
If you fall in love with me
I would build you up, never let you down
If you fall in love with me”

Or not… But one thing is for sure, it’s Earth, Wind & Fire! What’s not to like? Just no more crappy animated music videos please…

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