IGN: The Ten Most Memorable Moments of Watchmen


It’s Watchmen week at Art of the Cartoon. Most posts this week will be about the comic book series and will end with a review of the new Watchmen live-action film which comes out on my birthday March 6. 

First off I would like to link to this IGN article which details the ten most memorable moments of Watchemen (IGN’s opinion, not mine!)

Hit the jump for the short list if you’re plain lazy (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD, but honestly you should have already read this book):

#10: The Prison Break, Chapter VIII Old Ghosts

#9: The Birth of Doctor Manhattan, Chapter IV Watchmaker

#8: The Comedian’s Last Performance, Chapter II Absent Friends

#7: Rorschach is Born, Chapter VI The Abyss Gazes Also

#6: Nite Owl and Silk Spectre Suit Up… And Get Down! Chapter VII A Brother to Dragons

#5: Doctor Manhattan vs. Rorschach, Chapter XII A Stronger Loving World

#4: Doctor Manhattan and the Silk Spectre on Mars, Chapter IX The Darkness of Mere Being

#3: The Crimebusters Assemble… Then Disassemble, Chapter II  Absent Friends

#2: The Comedian Sexually Assaults Sally Jupiter, Chapter II  Absent Friends

#1: Ozymandias and the Call of Cthulu, Chapter XI & XII Look on My Works, Ye Mighty  and A Stronger Loving World

My Take: Good List, but with so many great moments during the 12 issue span of Watchmen, there are bound to be arguments over what should be in the top 10. Example: REALLY!? There were no moments from Tales of the Black Freighter that made it…

What’s your favorite moments? Please Share…

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