Sultan the Warrior…

Check out this trailer for the upcoming Indian Animation (as in the Country India) Sultan the Warrior…


I can’t hate on the animation though (I sooo want to though…..). These are folks I might be working with in the future, I don’t want them saying, “why  you hating on our animation?”

You have to admit, it’s hilarious that the main dude’s facial expression never changes (I can watch this trailer over and over for the unintentional comedy that is the dude’s face). 

Oh and one last note, A.R. Rahman, the same dude who did the music to Slumdog Millionaire, did the music to this piece of…wonderful animation (grits teeth). Interesting….

This could all be just me though. Have a good laugh!

2 thoughts on “Sultan the Warrior…

  1. The dude’s head seems rather large and round for his body. I’m diggin’ his hair though.

    Who knew they had hair cuts like that back then?

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