Iron Man: Armored Adventures

It took them a while to capitalize on the huge movie success of Iron Man. Here’s the trailer for the new upcoming animated series on NickToons.

Let’s be real, I’m not sure I’m sold on the Tony Stark as a teenager premise. It didn’t work for me when X-Men: Evolution turned most of the X-Men into teenagers attending a regular high school. If done right, like Batman Beyond or Next Avengers, where the original heroes were homaged and played a vital role, maybe it could’ve worked. But Tony Stark just doesn’t work as a 16 year old kid for me. Tony Stark needs to be Robert Downey Jr. 

I’ll actually watch some of this before I pass more judgement. I will say this though, it already seems better than the last Iron Man animated series.

Actually, based on that catchy theme song, I’m not too sure anymore.

“I…I….AM…IROOOON MAAA-A-AAAAN!” Don’t tell me that’s not catchy.

More research required definitely!

4 thoughts on “Iron Man: Armored Adventures

  1. The CG in that new series is terrible. It’s like those Snackables commercials, or whatever they are called.

    And a 16 year old kid? Shouldn’t that be “Iron Boy” or “Iron Still-In-Puberty”?

    Where’s the alcoholic we all know and love?

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