The Lost Tribes of New York City

The past couple of posts about cheesy early 90’s cartoon series have been fun, but I really wanted to focus this time on the “animation as an art form” aspect of this blog. 

I present to you The Lost Tribes of New York City by filmakers Andy and Carolyn London. 

A very creative aproach at urban anthrolopology, I must say. Using New York’s own everyday inanimate street objects to convey the people that inhabit said city made me smile a bit. It was a shrewd way of showing the voices that we overlook when thinking of NYC.

Still, I do wish it had a little more subtance. Instead of just showing us the voices we miss, I wanted to know WHY these voices were overlooked and WHY we should care about the overlooked citizens of NYC. But that’s just me…

It’s still a really dope animation.

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