In the midst of a busy week of work and the first week of school, I decided quickly sketch out a comic. It’s crudely done (once again not the greatest artist in the world), but whatever. It deals with the question “How far have we progressed in 12 years?” I think the comic answers that:

progressAww…progress…look how far we’ve come.

5 thoughts on “Progress…?

  1. So true: although compare to the pager, texting and twitter sure is a hell of a lot more advanced… But does that even mean anything?
    I like it. It’s simple, funny (especially the pager), and actually means something.

  2. EXACTLY!!!! I’m like, i’ll wait til the next thing and jump on that… i’ll skip twitter.


  3. wow! i can really dig this! i want to hang it up on my cube wall at work.

    the progression of all the elements illustrated is spot on!

  4. The progression of the different clubs was clever too. Weren’t we just talking about this at the house???

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