Azeem “Latin Revenge” Music Video

You know how youtube has those “featured videos” up on their homepage. That’s how I found this:

“Latin Revenge”/ Azeem/ 2009/ beats by DJ Zeph/ dir. Ben Stokes

Can’t say that I’m really digging the song…or the beats. It works tho… in fact I thinks its growing on me. I have to say the animation is a little jarring (apparently made with After Effects) but what can you expect when you animate cut-out snapshots. HOWEVER, there is sooo much to look at (hold up was that Darth Vader!?), that I can’t help but be transfixed to the screen.  It has that South Park vibe too. And it has a nice progression to it and I think I can safely say no current music video out there looks like this, so good work on the originality.  And I believe those are actual streets, so if you live in the Mission District of San Francisco, stand up! 

BTW, who is this Azeem dude? Has anyone ever heard of this guy before?

2 thoughts on “Azeem “Latin Revenge” Music Video

  1. Yeah, I’ve got some of his music. I discovered him when I was a radio DJ in college. He put out an album a year or two ago with Zeph, and I just didn’t get into it. But in 2003 or 2004 he put out an album called Mayhemystics with a group called Variable Unit, which I loved at the time (though my musical tastes have shifted since, it’s still a worthy listen). I’ve also got his two older solo albums called Craft Classic and Garage Opera, both of which are alright. I feel like his Mayhemystics work is his strongest to date, though I haven’t heard this new stuff.

  2. Thanks olaf, these are good things to know. We’ll miss you when you head off to Chicago. oh BTW, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Sorry couldn’t make the shindig.

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